Powerhouse Gym  is fully equipped with a café and juice bar. We offer a wide selection of health conscious meal options, snacks, juice and smoothies. Enjoy a fresh juice or enjoy a wrap, a stir fry or a pasta primavera. We offer a seating area if you would like to eat inside, you can take your meal to go or we can have your meal delivered through Skip The Dishes  or UberEats.

Bodybuilder Breakfast

Served all hours (Eggs or Egg whites)

  • 3 egg wrap with choice of veggies $5.25
  • 5 egg wrap with your choice of veggies $6.25

Wrap choices: Spinach, Whole Wheat or Sun-Dried Tomato
Fruity Oats: Oatmeal, Berries, Protein Powder, Cinnamon and Yogurt on top!

Breakfast Bowl: skip the carbs!

  • 3 egg bowl with choice of veggies and sauce $5.25
  • 5 egg bowl with choice of veggies and sauce $5.25

*extra eggs or egg whites are $.95 each*

Customizable Chicken and Rice Bowls $9.95

  1. Select Veggies: Broccoli, Spinach, Red Onion, Green Onion, Red Pepper, Green Pepper, Cucumber, Tomato, Olives, Lettuce, Banana Peppers and Mushrooms
  2. Select Sauce: Honey Garlic, Teriyaki, Sweet Chili, Spicy Thai Peanut, Ranch, Caesar, Chipotle, Hot Sauce, Buffalo, BBQ, Soy Sauce, and Salsa
  3. Add Cheese: Feta or Cheddar

Add extra of our grilled chicken breast for just $4.25!

Wraps and Salads $7.95

Choice of Spinach, Sun-Dried Tomato or Whole Wheat wrap

Chicken Caesar Wrap: Choice of Wrap, Lettuce, Croutons, Parmesan and Caesar dressing.

Mexican Chicken Wrap: Choice of Veggies, and Wrap with Rice, Salsa and Cheddar Cheese.

Buffalo Chicken Wrap: Choice of Veggies & and Wrap with our Spicy Buffalo Sauce, Rice and Cheddar Cheese!

Thai Chicken Wrap: Choice of Wrap and Veggies with our signature Thai Peanut Sauce

Chicken Salad: Choice of Lettuce or Spinach, Veggies, Dressing and Cheese

Juices $7.95

Big Bang: Carrot, Orange, Lemon and Ginger, you will feel a BIG BANG of energy that will naturally put a little pep in your step!

Evolve: Carrot, Parsley, Kale, Spinach, Celery, Lemon and Ginger. Your skin will thank you and have a flushed and refreshed look after drinking.

Charles Darwin: Parsley, Spinach, Kale, Celery, Cucumber, Lemon, Lime and Apple. This tasty drink is loaded with all the best nutrient rich and appetite suppressant veggies to help you make it through your day!

Prosper: Parsley, Spinach, Apples, Lemon and Ginger. this drink will help your body to naturally rid itself of toxins in the blood and liver making you feel refreshed nourished.

Flourish: Lime, Orange, Parsley, Kale, Spinach, and Cucumber. A zingy blend of citrus and greens that will make your whole day feel sublime and help you flourish!

Around the sun: Beets, Carrots, Cucumber, and Ginger. An Earthly blend of vitamins to help your body stay nourished and stay healthy and energetic.



Tropical Thunder: A refreshing blend of Vanilla Whey Protein, Pineapple, Banana, Frozen Yogurt, Coconut and Water! You’ll feel like you’re on a tropical island!

Gladiator: A mix of Strawberry Whey Protein, Blueberries, Blackberries, Raspberries and Strawberries for a berrilicous mix of super fruits!

Chocolate Chimp: A tasty mix of Chocolate Whey Protein, Banana, Yogurt and our Sugar-Free Chocolate Syrup!

Mr. Universe: Strawberry Whey Protein, Mangoes, Banana, Strawberries and our Sugar-Free Coconut Syrup!


PB & J: A combination of Strawberry Whey Protein, Real Strawberries, Banana, Almond Milk, Oats and OF COURSE Peanut Butter!

The Hulk: Get your greens in with this delicious mix of Vanilla Whey Protein, Spinach, Vanilla Yogurt, Banana and Almond milk!

Lean Machine: Try our mix of Strawberry Whey Protein, Strawberries, Mango, Açai and Almond Milk for a real power punch!